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Letters from 

What is Letters from Past

We created this forum for anyone who wish to send a letter to future. 

Imagine - your grandchild receives a letter for their 18th birthday. You can cherish the moment together or it can be a blessing 

How/Where do I buy this service ?

Please visit the below link , you can buy the Letter from Past Pack.

Shop | UK Lettering

What does the pack contain

The kit will contain -

  • High quality paper

  • Self Adhesive Envelope

  • Information Form - To capture the postage details, primary, secondary and Tertiary contact details and the date the letter need to be sent

  • Return kit 

  • Instructions


Once you receive the kit, please read the instructions,

  1. using the high quality paper provided please write your thoughts.

  2. Place it inside the envelope and seal it

  3. Do not write any address on the envelope

  4. Take the information capture sheet - Complete all fields​

  5. Place the sealed envelope and the information capture form on the return kit and send it back to us.

What happens next?

  • We transfer the contact details to digital media

  • We place the sealed envelope in waterproof/fireproof  postal bags

  • 30 days before the delivery date , we will contact the primary recipient and confirm them the postal address . If they are not reachable we will try the secondary or alternate contacts

  • On confirmation of the postal address, we will send the waterproof mailing bag with your contents to the recipient


If you have further questions , please dont hesitate to contact us

Why us?

We arrived at this idea after losing a friend, we wish if he had an option like this , he may have left a letter for his sons or wife. 

Our idea is also inspired by the movie/book P.S I love you .

We are unique and different from other providers. We give an opportunity to send a handwritten letter

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