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Letters from past

Dear Grandchild,

Greetings from your grand parents. 

We wish you a 18th birthday, we will celebrate together if not , we wish you the very best and our blessing...  

in 2023 , a 2l carton of milk costs £1.69 , A loaf of bread £1.50 , Not sure how much of this will change in 2038...   

We hope in 2038 , the world is peaceful and you floursh in your life..  


With Love,

Grand Pa , Grandma


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Letters from Past

Inspired by the movie P.S I love you...

We want to create an opportunity for anyone to send handwritten letters/notes to future self or to anyone. 

It could be a 18th birthday wish for grand child or anniversary wishes or anything you wish to write, you can use this opportunity.  

We keep the note/letter safely and post them for you on the specified month / year. 

Please refer to the faq section to understand how it works...

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