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Corporate Calligraphy Workshops

Mindful & Positive Corporate Workshop


A workshop like no other and something unique which will bring people and the team to unite with their mind, soul and heart and of course bringing smile to their face. This workshop will help each one to create magic in the paper as the ink flows mindfully and heart relaxes willingly.


If you are looking for something exciting and unforgettable for your corporate event, get in contact and book our Corporate Calligraphy Workshop straightaway.





  • Low Cost Investment with all the materials provided

  • Digital Detox

  • Increased Wellbeing, Mindful and Positive Activity

  • An Activity to do Anywhere and Everywhere – We will come to you at your convenient time

  • Focussed Participant Attention and Slow Down to Enjoy life



Our Approach

From guided teaching of the letterforms, this workshop will take them through to practicing positive letters, words and sentences. Individuals will gain a mindful practice enhancing their wellbeing and also a great chance to detox from their busy digital life and enjoy the simplicity of living.


  • We will bring the workshop to you anywhere at anytime

  • All materials included to take home after workshop – Workbook, Calligraphy Pen, Pencil, Ink and everything required for workshop

  • Small or big groups

  • Flexible timings

  • Various durations from 1.5 hr session to half day sessions

  • Anyone and Everyone can learn it

  • Personalised workshop

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